Between Oxford and the Berkshire Downs is the land once known as "North Berks".  This is home for the 200 or so members of the Abingdon Association.

We aim to add value and fun to membership while supporting the National Trust by fund-raising, volunteering and advocacy.

The Association has four clear objectives:
1. To encourage the work of the National Trust
2. To support the Trust's work through voluntary service
3. To recruit new members for the Trust
4. To raise monies for its appeals and projects

In the past we have supported Great Coxwell Barn, Greys Court, Basildon Park and Chastleton House. Last year we contributed to both Nuffield House and The White Cliffs of Dover Appeal.

There are few Trust properties near us, so the summer coach trips and holidays allow us to enjoy more of the Trust's properties without burning the planet with our cars. Abingdon Association is independent, but operates to a constitution agreed with the Trust.

Abingdon County Hall